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Coated Diamond Powder

Product Code:SN20130806175632728
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Coated Diamond

Coated Diamond Powder

Grish Coated Diamond Powder is manufactured with advanced chemical plating and compound plating technique, by applying one layer of metal on the surface of the diamond which could improve the adherence when used in cutting and shining, thereafter prolong the life time of the tool.


Coated Type Nickel
Diamond Type MEN: Resin Bond Type, With many crystal edges and grinding surface, a good self-sharping ability, high removal rate.
RHN :Metal Bond Type, With sharp crystal edge, can achieve excellent surface finishing as well as high material removal rate.
Particle Size    /µm D8-16, D10-20, D30-40, D170/200, D270/325, D400/500
Nickel Weight Grain Standard weight gain is 55% and 30%



1. Applying advanced plating technique to achieve fine surface and high removal rate.
2. Best solution to longer life and better cutting performance.
3. Excellent thermal and chemical stability.
Grish coated diamond is widely used in diamond tools with resin bond.


Field of application:

1.electroplating diamond fretsaw;resin diamond fretsaw ;resin bond diamond abrasive/grinding wheel ;Semiconductor processing diamond abrasive/grinding wheel ;diamond based tools;electroplating diamond grinding heads;high stength nickel bonding ;long-life grinding/abrasive wheel;