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Grish's successful participation in the 2020 CIOE

The annual Shenzhen China Internatinal Optoelectronics Expo(CIOE) is over ,2020 is a different year, but we finally met in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.A series of newest research and development achievements, such as common jumper polishing solutions, MPO/MTP grinding and polishing solutions, new optical fiber polishing film and optical fiber polishers, have been presented in this exhibition,as well as a suite of newest research outcomes like sapphire substrate hard polishing solutions, polishing solutions for second-generation third-generation semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide and gallium arsenide, polishing solutions for aluminum nitride / silicon nitride heat dissipation substrates and grinding and polishing solutions for metal materials, have attracted and received great attention from visiting customers. For customer consultation, the site partners have given patient answers. At the exhibition, the chairman and general manager of the company, Dr. Ge Bingheng,personally led the team, with sales, R & D and technical personnel to participate in the exhibition, and personally received customers at the booth to patiently answer all aspects of technical questions for customers.


Such a brief gathering is not only an opportunity for old friends to meet, sit and talk, but also an opportunity to meet new friends. Thank all the visiting friends, thank all the friends who pay attention to Grish and care about Grish! Look forward to meeting again next year, witnessing each other's growth!