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Company Culture

Company Culture
Company Objective
We do not satisfy to be China “uniqueness”
We should become the leader in world polishing material
We must make GRISH become the world famous brand!

Company Ideal                 
Promote the technology development and create the high grade life by our technology, product and service.

Believe and respect individual, supports staff's’ progress and development.
Customer is supreme:
We try hard to satisfy the customers’ requirement on quality and service, and help customers to obtain the success positively and enthusiastically.
Good faith and Pragmatic
We advocate the manner of honest, faithful and diligent no matter to be a person or handle affairs.
Unity and Diligence
We believed that the team effective cooperation is the key point to success and development. Cooperation should exist not only in company, but also with customers and suppliers too. We have the confidence to surmount corporate goal and the market expectation.
Striving for perfection
We advocate the work style of carefulness, delicateness and pursue perfect.

Company Spirit                    
Creation and Devotement
Offer society by researching and developing first-class product, providing the high quality service, creating the good use value and the economic efficiency. We are striving to be a person useful to others and to manage a company benefit to society.

Company Mission
Fill the domestic gap, create the world-famous brand

Operate Idea                                                  
Take ISO9000/14000 and the OHSAS18000 management system as a foundation; construct the reasonable operation management mechanism. Pursue the company and staff's communal development and growth under the health enterprise system.

Company Style                                                 
Precision, Carefulness, Unity, Devotement